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pat henderson

we would like a list of the nonshareholders on the Fletcher law suit

Louise Red Corn

Scroll down to June 13 at

 Homer Fincannon

And a picture worth a thousand words, which is a general terminology.I`ve got together a few new sites with hundreds of fair use pictures for you history buffs. Most inside Osage County that pertains to the Osage Tribe. Some covering the Osage Murders and the characters involved in it. Also the white collared crimes that has siphon off millions, if not billions from the true Osage Indians. My opinion, the original flooding of the Osage Allotted Roll by other then true Osage Indians. And the selling of Osage Allotment,to get on the original Osage Roll by Osage Tribual Councils of the early years, some for as low as $300.00 dollars.
Check out these web sites:

Bigheart Times

Homer! I think your photo collection is wonderfui! How about printing some of them in the newspaper, with credit to you, as part of the history column?


 Homer Fincannon

Feel free too! Anything for a Red Corn, Raymond Red Corn covered the Funeral of my Mother over at McCartney-Johnson Funeral Home Her name was Mrs. Clarissa Beach Trask, a Sister of Ormand Beach Beach, which the Pawhuska Football Stadium is named. Her other brother Bernard Beach was married to Daisy Ware Beach a full blood allotted Osage. If you google Daisy Ware Beach you will find probably one of the most famous legal court cases dealing with inhertance from a Osage. It went to the Supreme Court lasting thirteen years. Some of those pictures you may already have, Phillip Fortune said he gave you a bunch of Indian pictures ?? You know Phillip!

 Homer Fincannon

Slow Clan
An old Osage device to emphasize a point of importance to the Osage, by using this `Slow Clan'helped make their point. It`s said that this technique was used in Osage ceremonies. One Clan was always late for the ceremonies.
But, they all would wait for the slow clan. All clans had to be present for the ceremony to began. And, all of this was to build up unify and bring the entire Osage Tribe together with one another.
Credit and Fair Use: A history of the Osage people by (Louis F. Burns.

So the `Slow Clan' is being waited on for this Lawsuit. Will it be a unite builder, don`t think so?

Homer Fincannon

Thomas Jefferson,`Peace Medal'
Lewis & Clark gave out to the Osage, near St. Louis. It was a 2 1/2" or 3" silver medal with Thomas Jefferson on one `heads' side and two shaking hands on the `tails' side.
The bone breast plate was common with the Plains Indians. So that`s the badge `avatar' that I wish to use here till the sun does not rise in the east and my old fingers can`t type.

Homer _J

Testing 1-2-3

 Homer Fincannon

Since shaking hands could pass germs(wiped got 25% of the American Indians with smallpoxs) time to get back to the hand held high, and maybe a `HOW'. Never could get up that `avatar' here ,will try again, the times of disillusionment went out with the miniskirt.

Homer Fincannon

From a Pawhuska Paper,Sunday,Dec.2,1923
A Real Long Time Ago, from the files
18 Years Ago.That`s before 1923.
T.J.Leahy was elected chairman of the Osage County Bar Association and H.P. White secretary.
An order was secured placing children of Osage women, married to white men, on the Osage rolls. The order it was thought, affected about one hundred children.
15 Years Ago. That`s before 1923.
John F. Palmer, A.W. Comstock and R.H. Hudson formed a partnership for practicing law.A. W. Comstock was my Great Grandfather on my Grandmothers side, which was Cleo Comstock Beach, the mother of Ormand Beach, Bernard Beach, Vernon Beach and my mother Clarissa Beach.
10 Years ago .Before 1923.
Chas. Stuart as president of the county Good Roads Association called a mass meeting of all road enthusiasts.
87 Years After 1923.
Funny what goes around comes around. Practicing law is still a lucrative profession in the Osage,thanks, to the many suits being brought against each other.

Homer Fincannon

Will be having a few Old Osage County Tales on my `Blog Talk Radio Show' Feb.27,2010 at 5:30PM Central Standard Time. The title of the show: Osage Post-Host Homer_J.
Free Call-In Number 1-646-727-2107
This will be a weekly show same time same place. Interviews with the different candidates for Osage Minerals Council,Osage Chief and Congress is in the works ,already four thumbs up on that.

Homer Fincannon

Come join us at the "Blog Talk Radio" show `Osage Post-Host Homer_J' Every Saturday.
Saturday March 13, 2010 at 5:30 P.M. Central Standard Time
A new one hour Call-In Show, Toll-Free 1-877-296-0340
Special Guest `W. Adair Rogers'
of the `Osage 1700 Party'
Will be discussing the upcoming Osage Mineral Council election, their platform and possibly of drafting their own slate of candidates.
WW. Adair Rogers E-Mail

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