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The Bigheart Times is owned by Louise Red Corn, a former reporter for the Detroit Free Press, the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Tulsa World, and other dailies.
She was dragged to Oklahoma – the only state in the Continental U.S. she had managed to avoid her whole life – in 2004. It took a real man to do that: Her husband Ray, a totally buff, towering, sculpted Osage Indian for whom any sane woman would have WALKED from the lush hills of Kentucky to the Oklahoma scrub.
Dissatisfied with her job in Tulsa, she bought The Barnsdall Times in 2006 in hopes of keeping her marriage from failing due to constant griping about work.
Her griping has now stopped and she loves her new world filled with the Okie splendors of cowboys in chaps, Indians, filthy oilfield workers and a pretty constant stream of controversy over her little 14-page weekly rag, which is sometimes in-your-face and sometimes very sweet indeed.
Under Red Corn, The Bigheart Times has won numerous awards, ranging from the National Newspaper Association's Sports Photo of the Year in 2006 to several first-place awards for news writing, photography and other categories in the Oklahoma Press Association in 2006 and 2007. The newspaper has been the subject of feature articles in Pub Aux, the magazine of the National Newspaper Association, and Bartlesville Magazine.
The weary Red Corn is responsible for writing, photographing, laying out and doing all the other stuff involved with putting out a newspaper except for bookkeeping, which her WONDERFUL employee Marlyn Slone does.
Red Corn welcomes story suggestions and criticism, even when you call her a big fat liar or a tall skinny liar who doesn't brush her kooky curly hair.
She's not really a liar (except about her husband's stature), but some people like to pick on her.
She finds that amusing.


Community journalism, rodeo, wrestling, politics, people, small minds, big minds, cowboys, Indians, oilfield, kids, ancients, the good and the bad.